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Welcome to the Colorado State Investigators' Association website.

Please check out our site for all the benefits afforded to members, for the schedule of our meetings throughout the year and for information about this year's annual two day training conference.

Our Purpose

Through CSIA, we strive to provide you with high quality training, networking, and communication.

We are dedicated to forging ever-improving working relationships between state, local and federal law enforcement agencies.


CSIA membership has many benefits. Besides networking and quality training, CSIA members enjoy preferred memberships in other associations like John E. Reid & Associates as well as special rates on Krav Maga training!

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Next CSIA Meeting February 28, 2018

CSIA is Here for You!

Reid Preferred Group of Associations (RPGA)

CSIA has been accepted into the RPGA. Members can attend any Reid Sponsored Open Enrollment Seminar and receive the RPGA discount.  Contact a CSIA Board Member to get your unique discount code!

Benefits of CSIA Membership
  • Low annual dues
  • Networking opportunities
  • Low cost, quality training
  • CSIA Memorabilia
  • Scholarship funds for training costs
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